Thors Thunder


A way to give back to those dogs in need of training due to serious behavior issue’s though due to tough times their owner’s are unable to provide.  We face many dogs in the community with significant behavioral issues that if not corrected can put the dog or its family in jeopardy.

Thor who was our first dog who’s owner utilized our Train & Hang services is who this wonderful non-profit is named after.

The owners of Thor,  Ann & Al Soricelli used  our Train & Hang services while away for seven days and upon returning paid for said services with a very generous payment. As we were grateful for their generosity we somehow wanted to return it back into the community. Thus creating Thor’s Thunder Training Sponsor Program.



There are a few ways you may contribute to the program:

*When using our Train & Hang services your entire fee for the service goes back into the program.

*By offering a donation of your choosing towards the program.

Your donations help us continue to help those dog’s in need of training therefore having the opportunity to remain in their home with the family they know and trust in turn helping the training process become successful for both the dog in need and the family involved.

Your donation is also tax deductible.

KK’s Canine Training and its staff greatly appreciate your generosity. Together we can make a difference in our community.

“Cindy is incredible! I have a pretty insecure dog and Cindy has helped my dog become better socialized with other dogs. I have learned valuable information to apply not only at training but at home as well. If you want a more well-balanced dog you should definitely call Cindy!”